2020-2021 Materials Pick Up

August 10-13 Materials Distribution

PLEASE come and pick up materials to help your student be successful with Virtual Learning. One adult may come to pick up school supplies, books and a chromebook for their student(s) at the dates/times below. Internet hotspots will also be available for those without internet access. Masks and social distancing are required during the materials distribution.

Materials Distribution Schedule

Monday, August 10   12:00-3:00 6th Grade

Tuesday, August 11   8:00-11:00 5th Grade          12:00-3:00 4th Grade

Wednesday, August 12  8:00-11:00 3rd Grade     12:00-3:00 2nd Grade

Thursday, August 13  8:00-11:00  1st Grade         12:00-3:00  TK/Kindergarten